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        SCP 7th Strategy Seminar 2022

        On 27th- 28th October 2022, SCP Consultants Pte Ltd held the 7th Strategy Seminar, attended by SCP’s leaders and colleagues from HQs and various branch offices.  This year seminar focused on breakthrough strategy, professional service transformation, new technology application, hotspots and trends, and featured case studies, etc. The seminar comprises of sharing by guest speakers and technical sharing by SCP’s professionals. Five industry leaders were invited as guest speakers to share their insights in related fields.

        The first guest speaker Mr. Lu Zhigang, an expert in industrial investment promotion and operation shared his experiences and work reflections on business environment of Suzhou, interpretation of regulation, overview of development history, theory and analysis from the perspective of system development.  This enabled us to further consolidate our understanding of the development of Suzhou's business environment and the cultivation of the park's business environment.


        Suzhou Business Environment Practice from the Perspective of System Development  

        The second guest speaker Mr. Huang Jianming, Researcher of Suzhou Industrial Park Economic Development Committee and Director of Enterprise Development Bureau, shared case study from the latest development of Suzhou Industrial Park, implementation model, service support, etc. At the same time, put forward new planning measures and suggestions under the new background.

        The Latest Development Trend of Suzhou Industrial Park

        The third guest speaker Ms. Hong Genwei, Associate Professor of Suzhou University of Science and Technology, shared from the core idea of national ecological development, focusing on the development of ecological villages and towns based on the national and regional integrated development strategy. The speaker presented the theory and practice from two aspects: the utilization of rural natural resources and ecological security, and the development and planning of villages and towns from a regional perspective. And proposed that more plans with ecological attributes and plans that meet the suitability of human settlements are required under the ecological concept.


        "Regional-ecological" Exploration of Village and Town Development and Planning

        The fourth guest speaker Ms. Xu Yunqing, Associate Professor of the Department of Urban Planning and Design of Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University in Suzhou, and Director of the University-level Research Center for Urban and Environment, gave a comprehensive introduction to the background situation of the post-real estate era, focusing on quality development and reflection on the application of flexible mechanisms locally and abroad, through case comparison of cross-regional knowledge transfer and balanced development, reflections and suggestions on planning business are put forward.

        Quality and Balanced Development in the Post Real Estate Era

        The last guest speaker Mr. Mei Yanchuan, Executive Vice President of Smart City Comprehensive Development Division of China Communications Information Technology Group, made a simple explanation from the perspectives of judging the situation and interpreting the new needs of customers, analyzing the opportunities and challenges of planning and consulting business, and interpreting the new situation and new requirements under the strategic breakthrough. The sharing has strengthened our understanding of the planning business, capabilities and direction under the strategic breakthrough.

        Planning Business Strategy Breakout and Technological Innovation

        After each speech session, the participants seized the opportunity to interact with the industry leaders, exchanging views and ideas on the topics and opinions. This brings the SCP Strategy Seminar to a new climax.

        Next, colleagues from SCP HQs and various branch offices delivered keynote speeches on biomedicine, scene creation, smart parks, artificial intelligence, new energy vehicles, low-carbon parks, resilience planning, cultural and tourism integration, construction manufacturing, Baidu api technology innovation, etc. Discussion on strategic transformation, collaborative innovation, technology application and trend under the new background. Through cutting-edge thinking and practical exchanges on the development of different fields, SCP will continue to summarize professional experiences and consolidate innovative professional technologies.


        Zhu Xinye, Assistant Planner of SCP Suzhou Strategic Consulting Department, demonstrated the determination of distance from the starting point to different ending points through Baidu API, forming a distance circular dot matrix graph, the time data required to reach the point is then extracted by the data crawling software, and finally the isochronous circles at different times are edited through QGIS for visualization. This method can also be used to calculate the time laps of bus route planning, driving, cycling, etc.

        Application Research of Isochronous Circle based on Baidu API

        Sun Tianyi, Technical Director of SCP Suzhou Infrastructure Department, introduced extreme climate changes locally and abroad as the background, taking Singapore, New York, Tokyo, Rotterdam, London and other international pioneer cities to understand the uncertainty of international climate, it is concluded that urban resilience can be enhanced by improving urban climate adaptability. Combined with the practical experience of Suzhou Industrial Park, in the future we will be able to formulate refined flood disaster plan based on risk maps to promote market financial security.

        Climate-Resilient and Resilient Urban Planning Research

        Ouyang Yinzhu, Manager of SCP Beijing Landscape Department, explained the necessity of China's high-quality development from the background of international and domestic dual-carbon development. According to the overall path of the low-carbon park, the evaluation and diagnosis of the current situation of the park, the development goals and the index evaluation system to clarify its four construction paths. Through the interpretation of its necessity, development history, requirements, etc., put forward the inevitable trend of the future construction, and finally the prospect and expectation of the low-carbon park technology are shared


        Industrial Park Planning under the Dual Carbon Goals

        This is SCP’s third large-scale webinar. This year seminar focused on strategic direction, integrating multiple perspectives, practical advantages, and building a high-level innovation platform for industry-university-research integration. Through the strategic seminars, SCP will form a better atmosphere for study, research and sharing, and through discovery, research and problem solving, it will promote industrial innovation and enhance SCP’s competitiveness in strategic planning.

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